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BePunctual Visitor Management System Installation Guide

To run BePunctual Visitor Management System, the follow 2 software needs to be installed on your computers:
  Visitor Management Software BePunctual Server Software
This is the main visitor management software of the system.
  Visitor Sign In Software BePunctual Visitor Station Software
This visitor sign in software is for visitors to register their particulars, check their particulars, sign in, sign out and print visitor pass.
You can setup the 2 software on a single computer or on separate computers in your network.
Multiple visitor sign in stations can be deployed across your network to provide multi-points visitor sign in.
The steps to setup the system is as follows:
  • Download and install the BePunctual Server on a central computer
  • Download and Install BePunctual Visitor Station one one or more computers in the network.

Configuring the BePunctual Server Software

After installing the BePunctual Server software, do the following to configure the software:
  • Setup your organization information via Setup -> Organization
  • Note download the connection information (Server Name, Server IP Address and Port Number) in the Punch Station Page. You will require this for the BePunctual Visitor Station software.

Configuring the BePunctual Visitor Station Software

After installing the BePunctual Visitor Station software, do the following to configure the software:
  • Connect it to the BePunctual Server software via Options -> Settings -> Connection Settings by entering the server software connection information (Server Name, Server IP Address and Port Number).
  • Install a webcam on the computer if you want to capture visitor photos when they sign in and out.
  • Install a bar code scanner on the computer if you want  scan in visitor ID on visitor's password, vehicle license card etc.
  • Install a visitor pass printer on the computer if you want to print visitor passes
Once the above is done, your visitor can sign in and sign out on the visitor station.


  Home   >   Visitor Management System   >   Installation Guide

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