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School Class Attendance System Makes Marking of Student Attendance Easy & Fast

Want an easy an fast way to mark your school class attendance?

Want to eliminate class attendance sheets and paperwork in marking class attendance?

Want to instantly track your school student attendance during an emergency?

Need to record student temperature during SARS period?

Need to keep track of student absentee remarks?

With BePunctual School Class Attendance System, you can do all the above and more...


School Class Attendance Management System - Marking Student Attendance

School Class Attendance Marking with Class Attendance Marking Software

What is BePunctual School Class Attendance Management System?

BePunctual School Class Management System is a comprehensive student class attendance management and tracking software solution that lets your teacher marks class attendance easily and quickly, eliminating paperwork and saving precious time.
It lets your teachers and school clerks do the following easily:
  • Marks and updates student class attendance quickly.
  • Checks student attendance instantly.
  • Records remarks for students who are late or absent.
  • Records temperatures for students who are sick.
  • Prints class attendance sheets when needed.
  • Automatically generate class attendance reports and email to the school clerk.
  • and more...

BePunctual School Class Attendance System Benefits

Easy and Fast to Setup
Easy to use by your teachers and office personnel.
Save time
It cuts down the time to mark student class attendance.
Class attendance no longer need to be manually submitted to the school office.
Student attendance can be track instantly.
Save Money & Go Green
No more class attendance sheets.
Emergency Ready
During an emergency, you instantly can check your student attendance and print emergency evacuation lists instantly.
Easily Scalable
You can deploy as many class attendance marking stations as you need across your network, one per class. These stations can be configured remotely and centrally on the server computer.
The system data is stored on a separate network computer separate from those that are use for marking class attendance.
Fingerprint sign in can be implemented if necessary.
Elegantly Designed & Customizable User Interface
Unlike other school class attendance systems, BePunctual school class attendance system is designed so elegantly that it helps to promotes a professional corporate image. You can even customize the look to your corporate image.



School Class Attendance System Software Components

BePunctual Class Attendance System consist of 2 software components:
  School Class & Student Management Software BePunctual Server Software
This is the main school class and student management software of the system to add classes and students.
  School Class Attendance Software BePunctual Classroom Station Software
This class attendance software is for teachers  to sign in and mark their class attendance.

Minimum System Requirements


  • Computer that can run Windows Vista, XP or 2000 smoothly.
  • 1 gigabytes (GB) of RAM or higher recommended.
    Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
  • 15 MB of hard disk space for software.
  • Network adapter if BePunctual Server software and Classroom Station software are running on separate computers in the network.


  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP or 2000.
  • BePunctual Server Software version 6.0 and above
  • BePunctual Classroom Station Software


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